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Regional Conferences | Overview

The September 2003 Fifth Meeting of the States Parties' President's Action Programme stated that: "In the pursuit of the implementation of the Convention, each region has unique challenges and capacities. States Parties should therefore take steps to ensure that regional initiatives and activities to raise awareness on the issue of anti-personnel mines be undertaken as a continuous process, leading towards the First Review Conference (….) It is through such regional initiatives and activities that the achievement of the Convention’s aims will be realized."

Since the Fifth Meeting of States Parties, activities have been held or are planned covering almost every region of the world. These conferences, workshops and seminary are important opportunities for States Parties and others on a regional basis to discuss progress and challenges in the pursuit of the Convention's aims and as such serve as informal means for actors to prepare for the Nairobi Summit on a Mine-Free World.

West Africa
Workshop on the Implementation of the Ottawa Convention on the Prohibition of Anti-personnel Mines in West Africa 
28-29 January 2004 -- Ouagadougou

South Eastern Europe
Progress in meeting the aims of the Ottawa Convention in South Eastern Europe: The 2004 Reay Group Workshop
2-3 February 2004 -- Bucharest

East Africa
Workshop on Landmines in East Africa and the Ottawa Convention on the Prohibition of Anti-personnel Mines
2-4 March 2004 -- Nairobi

Central Asia
The Dushanbe Conference: Progress towards the Ottawa Convention’s aims in Central Asia
15-16 April, 2004 -- Dushanbe

Middle East
The Amman Seminar on military and humanitarian issues surrounding the Ottawa Convention
19-21 April 2004 -- Amman

Northern and Eastern Europe
Advancing the Ottawa Convention in Northern and Eastern Europe: The Vilnius Seminar
7-9 June 2004 -- Vilnius

Americas Regional Mine Action Conference
12-13 August 2004 -- Quito

South East Asia
Regional Workshop on Development Challenges of Mine Clearance and Victim Assistance in South East Asia
30-31 August 2004 -- Bangkok

African Union
Second Continental Conference of African Experts on Landmines
15-17 September 2004 -- Addis Ababa