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2nd Informal Meeting

Letter from the President-Designate (pdf - 39KB) 27 August 2004

Draft review of the operation and status of the Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Anti-Personnel Mines and on Their Destruction: 1999-2004
6 September 2004

Ending the suffering caused by anti-personnel mines: Draft Nairobi Action Plan 2005-2009
3 September 2004

Towards a Mine-Free World: The 2004 Nairobi Declaration
27 August 2004

Draft programme of meetings and related matters to facilitate implementation, 2005-2009
2 September 2004

(Note: In this document, the brackets in paragraph 3(a) should be replaced with the dates “28 November – 2 December 2005 .”)